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CFD Markets

Today the CFD market has developed a lot since the first CFDs and offers huge variety of underlying financial instruments ranging from stocks, equity indices and currencies to commodities, bonds and derivatives.

CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are traded in the most of the developed world. Because of the ability to trade CFDs on margin those are actually financial instruments that are generally traded by financial institutions to hedge against ownership in original assets, and by individuals and retail traders that speculate on its price direction.

CFDs were firstly traded on stocks of the London Stock Exchange in early 1990, initially available to only institutional traders to hedge their exposure on the underlying share. At the end of 1990s CFDs were introduced to retail traders and together with the development in computerized system became very popular.

Thanks to low costs, leveraged positions and time saving benefits, CFD trading has been gaining more and more popularity throughout the past decade.

IFC Markets offers significant amount of CFD instruments in different markets.
Traders can select different CFDs from all of these markets, or specialize in one market.

Stock Market Index or just Index is a number that measures a certain sector of the stock market.
At IFC Markets we offer a wide list of CFDs on major world indices including S&P 500, DAX 30, FTSE 100, Nikkei 225.
Index CFD trading with IFC Markets is commission-free.

Stock (also known as an equity or a share) is a type of security that shows the proportional part of ownership of a corporation.
IFC Markets provides a wide selection of CFDs on Shares of world’s leading companies such as Apple, Coca Cola, Google, Facebook, etc.
You can trade stocks with one of the lowest tight spreads in the market.

IFC Markets provides investors with a variety of global trading opportunities across different international markets.
Now it is possible to trade in Commodity Market as well.
IFC Markets offers CFDs on Oil, Coffee, Oats, etc.

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